Submodules module[source], top_n_clusters)[source][source][source][source][source][source][source][source]

Cut phrases which exceeds phrase max length to present, top_n_clusters, active_area)[source], old, new)[source], old, new)[source][source]

Get the custom-table indices of all custom selected phrases[source]

Get a list of all phrases selected by the user for the custom trends graph[source]

Get the filter-table indices of all whitelist/valid phrases[source]

Get a list of all whitelist/valid phrases (which were not filtered-out by the user)[source][source]

Check if a certain phrase should be presented[source][source][source][source], top_n_clusters)[source][source]

Resets the filter tables (e.g. after clearing search)[source]

Search an item in the filter tables[source], old, new)[source][source], old, new)[source], old, new)[source], old, new)[source]

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